Bringing Documents for Inspection

Your checklist will depend on the circumstances

Please come to the inspection center with all the required documents for your car. Below is a list of documents required to be presented when you arrive at our inspection centre based on the purchase and ownership history of your car.

  • Car Documents (must be seller's name)
  • Valid National ID of the seller
  • Two (2) Passport Pictures (this is for possible purchase of the car.)

Our Services

Inspection services

Need to Know the technical status of your Car? We offer independent assessments on vehicles; we will thoroughly inspect any vehicle or large fleet of cars and provide detailed reports on the condition of these vehicles.


Are you looking to get a fair valuation for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles? We offer this service to anyone interested. Book an inspection today and know the true value of your car.

Pre-purchase inspection

Need to determine the value of a car you want to buy? Contact us to schedule an appointment and we can provide you with an inspection report and final valuation of the car you are interested in purchasing.

Fleet Liquidation

Do you need to liquidate a fleet of vehicles? We can purchase any amount of vehicles.

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